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Once Upon a Time...

Crabbes Creek Catering & Events  believe that shared food is the heart and soul of community… sharing a meal creates a feeling of connection, and delectable food can both soothe the soul, and excite the senses. Crabbes Creek Catering & Events caters for private functions, such as retreats, workshops, and weddings, and has up-coming plans for special events including fine dining and entertainment. Crabbes Creek Catering & Events  pride themselves on providing top quality catering, with gracious service, all at an affordable price! 


The catering company was born when Ian & Zoe got hitched! Although they didn't know that at the time! They wanted a shared experience of community, collaboration and celebration for their wedding. Their desire was to create something really special, but also totally personal, and down to earth (and affordable!)… to that end they did pretty much everything themselves, including the catering, with a little (ok, a LOT) of help for their friends. Together they came up with the menu, sourced and prepared the food, which was cooked by a team of good friends on the night... The Wedding Feast a fabulous success, feeding 100 guests in perfect order and time. Travel forward to the present time, Ian & Zoe have formed their eclectic events and catering company, with a focus on community, collaboration, celebration…and of course, fantastic food that will leave your guests deliciously satisfied!

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